How to make the PCB quickly and well

How to make the PCB quickly and well

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With the development of the electronic industry, the production of electronic products is increasing, and the demand for the production of electronic products is also increasing.How to make the PCB quickly and well has become an important issue for many PCB designers.Only the rapid production of PCB with high precision, high performance and cost savings  can have a stronger competitive strength.


Rapid production of circuit boards

Mainly divided into physical methods and chemical methods. The physical method is to manually cut out unwanted copper on the board by means of cutting tools and power tools. Chemical method is to cover the blank with the CCL protective layer. The corrosion solution will remove the unnecessary copper. These layers are mainly covered by hand-painted paint method, adhesive method, film photographic method and the thermal transfer printing method.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two methods

Physical method is obviously more difficult and time-consuming, so the method is only suitable for a relatively simple circuit, and the operator's requirements are very high,so the method can not be applied to the mass production of the information age.Chemical process is relatively complex, but we can artificially control the accuracy of the final product, which is a more rapid plate-making method.But there are still some problems: the printing accuracy depends on the accuracy of printer cartridges used, the exposure plate And the development time is not easy to control, corrosion control process is difficult, photosensitive board on the environmental requirements are higher, it's difficult to control accuracy after the manual punching.

So it is obvious that the chemical method is superior to other methods. In contrast, it is more time saving and labor saving, and can control the accuracy better. But these two methods can only achieve a certain degree of the requirements of PCB rapid manufacturing.But it can't achieve the high speed and high accuracy of the PCB. So we need to be on the road in PCB manufacturing to continue to explore and discover a more appropriate approach.

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