HDI PCB, opportunity or challenge?

HDI PCB, opportunity or challenge?

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With the rapid development of electronic technology, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other wearable devices are toward multifunctional and functional direction. And high density interconnect PCB technology is rising, referred to as the HDI technology.The rapid development of HDI technology means that the number of layers and the components accommodated on the PCB increase in case that there is no change in size,weight and volume of PCB, which improves the electrical properties of the PCB. So HDI technology has become a mainstream direction in the development of the electronic industry.


Challenges from HDI technology

The high degree of integration of communication products makes the trend of integration of PCB design and PCB manufacturing more and more obvious. Manufacturer left less manufacturing margin with HDI veneer.This design and manufacturing constraints, which is likely to increase the complexity of the design, on the other hand, such technology would undermine the time needed for the veneer jointing. This will directly affect the time of production.In terms of PCB Assembly, high density Assembly package will cause solider bridge, shift, tomb bump and so on. The existing detection methods have some shortcomings, it's difficult to do high-density test. At the same time the device pin spacing is small, which will also increase the difficulty of repair.

Benefits from HDI technology

HDI board can significantly reduce the cost of PCB, while increasing the density of the circuit, which is more conducive to the use of advanced packaging technology to ensure that the product has better electrical properties and signal accuracy. It can both have high reliability and improve the electromagnetic interference. HDI technology is better in line with the current trend of the development of the electronics industry.

HDI production process generally requires more expensive equipment support, but many small-medium enterprises can not afford it. It will inevitably lead to the loss of some customers and lose considerable orders if these companies give up the HDI market. On the other hand, HDI technology is more profitable than ordinary circuit board.This requires manufacturers to identify their own direction in the HDI technology opportunities and challenges.

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