A few simple steps to identify the circuit board

A few simple steps to identify the circuit board

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In most people's view, regardless of the quality of the circuit board, the surface looks almost the same, but we have to identify the quality of them through the similar appearance. We only need a few simple steps of judge to analyze its durability and the corresponding function after we get a piece of PCB.


Meet the standard

Standard PCB panels generally have a wall thickness of 25 micron, which can enhance the reliability. While the perfect circuit is generally not through the welding repair and short circuit repair. Generally, manufacturers will choose the international well-known substrate rather than the unknown brand to ensure the reliability of the production process.We should ensure the high quality of the plug hole, we can reduce the risk of failure of assembly process according to the high-quality plug. It is not acceptable to have scrapped units, and not to use partial assembly to improve the efficiency.

Stick to norms

PCB generally need to meet the cleanliness requirements of the IPC specification, but when the PCB beyond the requirements, PCB cleanliness will be greatly improved. At the same time, we should pay attention to the control of the life of each surface treatment to avoid the problem of surface treatment of aging circuit board. CCL tolerances comply with IPC4101ClassB/L requirements, we should strictly control the electrical properties of dielectric thickness to reduce the expected deviation.We should also note that the definition of shape, tolerances for holes and other mechanical features. We should also pay attention to define the shape and hole and the tolerance of other mechanical characteristics to improve the quality of the product, improve the coordination, shape and function.

Whether in the assembly manufacturing process of circuit board or in actual use, the reliability of the PCB is one of our characteristics that must be identified, We should pay attention to the defects in the assembly process may finally affluence the quality of the final product  on the basis of cost control, so good PCB should have above characteristics.  Manufacturers should consider how to reduce cost effectively after ensuring these characteristics.

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