How to Ensure BOM is Correct and Avoid the Risk of PCBA Production

How to Ensure BOM is Correct and Avoid the Risk of PCBA Production

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We need a lot of production documents before the production of PCB, including BOM list. BOM list contains the number of materials needed for production, it’s the unique management document during production and PCB assembly, which ensures the assembly sequence when it comes to actual processing. In the electronic assembly plant, BOM should be confirmed before production according to customers’ orders. Though there are still some problems about such as production errors and wrong material reverse. Now we provide some suggestions based on their own factory production experience, so that you can maximize avoid PCBA production risk.


1.First of all, you can develop a material coding system, the coding should own the uniqueness of identification, the functions of classification and sorting. In the BOM sheet, check whether the component coding is consistent and also should join a clear and concise description. Descriptions should include part type, size, SMT and vias, and so on. So that people can understand the material at a glance.

2.Responsibility to the people. The company should clearly proofread BOM and clear the responsibilities of corresponding staffs. They should be responsible for all mistakes. Responsible person can set a layer of security to BOM list, it can also effectively reduce BOM mistake using of employee psychological responsibility.

3.Now many companies now have ERP system, we can establish a single link between BOM and ERP and store data in database. Data entry should come from easy to difficult and from the whole to the bulk. We firstly store high-volume orders, followed by the relevant data of small quantities production. You can adjust the entry order according to management needs. 

4.Of course, you also need to make sure your BOM is available on the purchase of the material, then we can ensure the production. 

Above, we summarize the relevant experience, you can use according to your own situation. You are also welcome to make better suggestions.

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