How PCB Drill Impacts Board Quality?

How PCB Drill Impacts Board Quality?

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Drilling is an important process in the PCBA process, although it seems relatively simple, it is very critical in the actual production process. With the development of the electronic information industry, the PCB industry is becoming more and more sophisticated. Drilling can be divided into plating through hole and non plating through hole, NPTH is drilled in the first working procedure,copper is covered on the hole wall, which is called through-hole. Drilling can provide plug-in welding positions for the electronic components after drilled holes are arranged in accordance with the wiring, while increasing heat dissipation. If there is a problem with drilled holes, it will affect cooling and overall stability of PCB.


Specific process problem in drilling

In the drilling process, the following quality problems are easy to occur: porous, leakage, displacement, wrong drilling, not through, hole loss, partial waste and plug hole. These problems are caused by various errors, such as retraction speed, drill loss, drill speed, feed speed, force problems, drilling parameters, drill selection and drill speed. At present, all manufacturers have adopted the pre-drilling standard operation method to reduce the probability of occurrence of the error.

Solve the drilling process problems

The size of drill and control system can be checked to see if an error has occurred before operation, we can adjust the feed rate and speed to a desired speed, then change the drill tip and limit the number of drill refacing and the refacing dimensional changes. The precision cutting tool manufactures will check and measure for many times and there should be repeated check before they enter the tool serial number. These can only reduce the probability of errors but errors can't be completely eliminated. At present, automatic hole inspection equipment can effectively improve drilling quality and final product quality. 

PCB drilling process takes up the longest production time, and its processing technology and PCB manufacturing equipment level will directly affect the quality, performance and cost of PCB, especially the capacity of small aperture processing will better reflects the company's processing level. But there is still a gap in advanced technology between us and other developed countries, so we still have a long way to go.

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