How to Develop PCB Processing Industry Under the Environmental Protection Storm?

How to Develop PCB Processing Industry Under the Environmental Protection Storm?

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Recently 5 severe haze swept Beijing, Shijiazhuang and other places, the whole North East and central China are shrouded in a hazy, so these places issued an emergency air quality assurance measures. China has become the world's most polluted areas, the areas are really extensive and serious. With the awakening of people's awareness, the public and the government have begun to solve this serious social problems. The fourth central environmental protection inspector group stationed in Guangzhou, environmental protection storm has begun. Many enterprises was checked and had to close the door. The environmental crisis will continue and constantly upgrade. 


Certainly, the PCBA industry is also affected because the production process will have a greater pollution. The middle part of processing including printing, PCB, LED and components will rise price, PCB manufacturers will come to a off-season again , though they thought they would make a fortune at the end of this year. A variety of price adjustment notice are issued crazy. Central efforts to strengthen environmental protection unabated, how does the industry deal with it ? In fact, we still have to put long-term vision, we should make rectification of enterprise production, or the next bankruptcy of the enterprise is your business. Here we give a few countermeasures for reference only!

1.We have to ensure that the environmental procedures are complete, including environmental impact assessment, monitoring, inspection, sewage permit declaration. Standardize pollution control measures to ensure that pollutants discharge standards. At the same time, carrying out daily monitoring of the waste gas, waste water and noise, which will cause a lot of pollution to the environment if it is not discharged after treatment. It will cause a lot of pollution to the environment, if all enterprises in this way, so we believe that in the near future , there will be going through the fog and haze.

2.Hire professionals to carry out corporate rectification, meanwhile a lot of companies being investigated are small and medium enterprises. Although the rectification will spend a lot of money, but better than closing down the door, the enterprise with good rectification will be able to put into production faster, but also recycle investment funds faster.

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, if the enterprise production only focuses on immediate interests, this will not conform to our current development trend. They should conform to the central and local government reform measures, focus on innovation and change. Only in this way can they survive in this serious production environment.

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