Importance of 3 PCB Assembly Equipment and How they work

Importance of 3 PCB Assembly Equipment and How they work

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In the process of PCBA processing, it often need a variety of electronic equipment in turn processing. In the PCB production process, the main electronic equipment in accordance with the processing sequence are the solder paste agitator, printer, placement machine, reflow soldering, AOI-DIP wave soldering and test equipment. Here are some of the important PCB assembly equipment.


Printing machine

The printing work station is the first and most important work station in the process of SMT, the printing quality determines the quality of SMT to a great extent. So it's very important to understand the basic operation and principle.

The printing machine is mainly divided into three structures: visual location system(including VI MARK and 2D CAMERA inspection), which can check the solder paste coverage. Wipe system(divided into wet wipe, vacuum wipe and try wipe). The wipe paper and plate contract and we should make sure that the wipe paper run out when the wipe is completed.

The paste filling system (scraper and plate), the solder paste rolls in the plate and it will produce poor printing if it doesn't roll. The scraper pressure shouldn't be too large, or it will cause the blade wrap.

Placement machine

Fully automatic placement machine is a machine used to place components  with high speed and high precision fully automatically, which is the most critical and complex equipment in the production of SMT.  The principle of it is to mount the SMC/SMD components onto pad position quickly and accurately without damaging the components and PCB.  There are three ways in centering : mechanical centering, laser centering and visual centering.

Reflow soldering

Reflow soldering machine weld components on the PCB to realize the components mounting. The gas circulating in the machine to produce high temperature. The whole process is divided into heating zone, heat preservation zone and weld zone and cooling zone. They separately realize the function of evaporating solvents and gases, preheating components and freezing the  solder after melting.


Wave soldering, test machine and other equipment are also very important in addition to  the three kinds of electronic assembly equipment introduced in detail above. We should maintain these electronic assembly equipment in good order, only in this way can we obtain the PCB that the customers need.

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