Is PCB Assembly in Europe Well-developed?

Is PCB Assembly in Europe Well-developed?

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PCB assembly is the second half of the electronic equipment manufacturing, so it is often seen as a downstream industry of electronic industry, but almost all electronic devices need the support of the PCB. So the voice of PCB in the global electronics market is really high. At present, the main PCB manufacturing basement is Japan, Taiwan area, Western Europe and the USA.


More advanced electronic assembly technology in Europe

PCB production and manufacturing enterprises are mostly distributed in the mainland of China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, North America and the six major regions of Europe. Among them, the development of the global printed circuit board industry is relatively decentralized, and the producers are also relatively large. Although the scale of our industry is larger, but the overall level of the technology is still in a relatively backward state.  The Europe market has a certain size and is able to mass-produce this product in more than eight layers high-end product, HDI and flexible panels. So the European electronics assembly market still services for the high-end market.

Expanding European electronic assembly market

Many European famous PCB enterprises have set up factories in the mainland of China, after several years of operation, some companies have entered the electronic assembly  industry rankings in the mainland of China, although the quantity of their enterprises only occupies 14% of China's electronic assembly enterprises, but the total output value has reached more than half, which occupies the high-end PCB market of China. The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are still the main markets, this move led to the rapid expansion of the size of the package industry.

Therefore, the European market in electronic assembly technology still has enough competitiveness, although the productivity of domestic PCB industry is astonishing, it has been the lack of a platform to integrate the industry chain efficiently, leading to the waste and duplication of PCB industry in technology and resource. We also need the transformation of PCB industry from the factory to the market, to create a healthy and upward market trend.

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