How to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

How to Control Temperature and Humidity in the Process of PCB Assembly

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In the PCB assembly plant, processing plants generally control the entire production environment to manufacture better PCB products and prevent defective products, then the customers will be satisfied. So the electronic factory has more requirements on the production plant. And sometimes PCB processing process will be very expensive and easy to loss of electronic components or modules. It’s easy to cause bad materials if the processing environment temperature and humidity and processing technology did not control well. So how should electronic processing plant control the temperature and humidity of production?

PCB Assembly

First of all, inside the PCB manufacturing workshop, we should have a special temperature and humidity detector on the workshop for temperature and humidity monitoring, under normal circumstances, the temperature is 24 ℃, humidity 60RH, which can ensure the most basic production environment. At the same time do a good job of daily temperature and humidity records, and clean the reflow and wave soldering and other equipment required in the processing.

Then it’s better for workshop to own conditioning and heating equipment to ensure the workshop drying, moisture sensitive components are quite sensitive to the environment, high humidity can make the components produce solder in the welding process, or it can cause bridging problems.

Finally, in fact, our temperature and humidity control is to a large extent ensures the processing quality of sensitive devices to ensure product reliability and through rate, so we must be very aware of these wet sensitive devices, but we should also ensure the quality of wet sensitive devices. It is best to use a lead-free process during soldering, which can at least reduce the sensitivity of wet-sensitive devices by one or two grades. 

The above summary for our NOD Electronics experience, if you have better suggestions, welcome to share!

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