Comparison of lead and lead-free processes in Electronic Processing Plants

Comparison of lead and lead-free processes in Electronic Processing Plants

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Now, there are two kinds of processing technology in the PCB assembly plant. According to the customer's demand, there are lead-free processing technology and lead processing technology. In fact a lot of customers do not understand the difference between them,  they only know that lead-free processing is more expensive, lead process is more cheaper. Solder used in the lead-free process is not 100% lead-free, but compared to lead process, solder contains lower lead content. Then compare them based on my own experience.



In the lead-free process, it needs some auxiliary materials for welding due to the characteristics of the solder itself. And the use of lead-free solder paste in the reflow soldering make the cost increased by 2 times, so does the use of tin line. So that the cost of lead-free processing is higher.


The melting temperature of lead-free solder used in the lead-free solder is while the melting temperature of lead solder is 183 ℃, because the melting point of lead solder is low, it does less damage to the electronic components. After processing the solder joint is more bright and more hard.


Lead containing solders have great harm to human body, and long-term exposure has a great impact on human health. At the same time, it is widely used in the international market lead-free processing technology, it can also protect the environment. After all, people have been aware of the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, which will be harmful for them.

Related PCB manufacturing plants in the electronic assembly process or PCBA processing can choose corresponding technology according to the three differences. Meanwhile, they shouldn’t only pursue the lead-free technology and reject the advantages of lead process.

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