What are the Challenges of Wave Soldering in Electronic Processing?

What are the Challenges of Wave Soldering in Electronic Processing?

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In the electronic processing plants, SMT processing and DIP processing technology has become mature and widely used, and are relatively high efficiency of the welding process. However, with the increasing pursuit of electronic products, more and more, how to produce more finished products at the same time become the most difficult problem.

Although the wave soldering technology is mature, but its control parameters are discrete and complex, the wave soldering process in the transmission speed, preheating temperature, component soldering reliability are uncertain. People in wave soldering process for some electronic components designed a lot of test vehicle, which also shows the wave soldering process variability and complexity.


From the technical developing, although the narrow pitch QFP, array package BGA and other electronic components are widely applying, making reflow soldering technology in the device and PCB interconnect have increasingly leading, but this does not mean that wave soldering technology disappeared, but it is undeniable that it does withdraw from its original dominant position.

From the current situation, the through-hole plug in some relatively low-level electronic products still occupy a certain proportion, because there are many occasions do not need the SMT technology, through-hole assembly is a low-cost processing program. But with the miniaturization of electronic components, the application of this technology will become smaller and smaller.

Wave soldering technology continues to progress and improve,in the future,with the emergence of new processing technology it may be out of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly stage, but now it is still in electronic processing play a major role.

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