Development Trend of Solder Paste Printing Equipment Technology

Development Trend of Solder Paste Printing Equipment Technology

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Nowadays electronic processing technology is becoming more and more mature. In order to adapt to the trend of fine pitch and high density electronic packaging technology such as QFP, SOP, BGA, CSP, 01005, POP, etc., the future trend of SMT automatic paste printing equipment technology can be summarized as follows:

1、Cycle Time requirements

With the development of PCBA industry, the demand of SMT electronic processing is increasingly high. With the emergence of modular high-speed placement machine, we put forward higher to the press Cycle Time requirements, how to shorten the Cycle Time will be a problem that the brand manufacturers of automatic printing press have to solve.

2、Accuracy requirements

The chip pieces of 0201, 01005 or even 03015 are large-scale using, the previous printing presses can not fully meet the accuracy requirements, high-precision models will re-compete for the market.


3、Cleaning effect

With the development of SMT, the improve of cleaning function can achieve the speed and production efficiency. Artificial cleaning is a large printing equipment manufacturers are considering and research direction.

4、Cost - effective

Facing of the overall unit price of OEM decline, the company chooses the requirements of the printing equipment will according to their products, printing equipment can fully meet the production needs of the premise, that is a cost-effective products.

5、Printing plate bottom support tool

With the wide application of the PCB, the bottom support tool of the PCB has been paid more and more attention. Nowadays, the general printing equipment adopts multiple thimbles with a certain length to carry on the multi-point support, but there will still be bad printing. To achieve high-quality printing, the latest adjustable board support is now available with a retractable flat support that is fixed to the mold and flexibly adapts to the shape of the bottom of the circuit board.

6、Stable pressure control

Printed on the PCB board when the pressure on the impact of printing quality is very large, in the existing equipment in the printing process often deviation. The new solder paste printing equipment using closed-loop control technology, you can control the printing process in the scraper pressure, the pressure is stable.

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