How to Buy BGA Rework Station?

How to Buy BGA Rework Station?

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With the BGA chip in the electronic processing of a wide range of applications, including computer motherboards, mobile phones, web cameras, TV motherboards, communications products and other fields, there will be damaged in processing, BGA rework station role is also growing. So in the PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly process, how should choose a suitable BGA rework station? We list out useful experiences:


1, according to the characteristics of their products to determine the size of the purchase of repair equipment range

Depending on the size of the PCBA board to be serviced frequently, determine the size of the BGA rework station which we should be purchased. At the same time, BGA Rework Station should be equipped with a flexible bracket, So that in the course of work, can make the positioning and fixed on the Rework Station quickly and conveniently. Finally, select the range of tip sizes according to the maximum and minimum values of our frequently serviced chips.

2, you expect the functional requirements of BGA rework workbench

Depending on the complexity of the product, the operating temperature range of the device is determined. The three temperature zone is the minimum ground requires, complex PCBA board should buy four zone of temperature. At the same time, BGA rework station should also be equipped with upper and lower temperature zone and infrared preheating area, upper and lower supplementary heating can better guarantee the heat required for welding, but also can eliminate the local heating caused by excessive PCB distortion. At the same time, BGA rework station should also be compatible with BGA, CSP, LGA, QFP, PLCC and other chip rework.

These are the two most important purchase criterias, Of course, the other plus welding, cooling, intelligent temperature curve settings and temperature control accuracy, etc., are secondary. You can choose according to your own requirements, I believe you can choose a suitable BGA rework station.

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