The US Block China's Semiconductor Industry Development -- Opportunities or Blow

The US Block China's Semiconductor Industry Development -- Opportunities or Blow

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The US President Barack Obama recently released a new study, made recommendations to strengthen the protection of the US semiconductor industry, limiting foreign investment, acquisition and merger of the domestic semiconductor industry. The news has been issued, Chinese semiconductor manufacturers are beginning to restless. China is keen to acquire foreign well-known semiconductor brands, in order to obtain its internal core technology, eliminating a lot of capital costs. Semiconductor is widely used in the PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing, why the United States to take this measure?

China's Semiconductor Industry

But in fact, the United States to take this tough protection measures to protect their own investment, acquisition and trading market is really an obstacle for our development? It is really bad for China's semiconductor industry? In actual fact, in the other hand, this may promote China's progress in the semiconductor industry.

Currently the world's semiconductor industry development go hand in hand, the world's mainstream processor architecture is X86, ARM, in addition have MIPS, power and so on. The owners of X86 and power architecture are Intel and IBM. They are all US companies, ARM has been acquired by Japan's Softbank, MIPS for the British company Imagination owned. But China Huawei Hass developed the ARM architecture server chips may help China tear the monopoly server market of Intel, enhance China's server chip market strength.

Moreover, China has established the IC Industry Foundation has been successful in promoting the development of China's chip industry, China for the production of electronic products required for a great chip, the number accounted for more than half of the world, if the United States hinder the development of China's semiconductor industry, Is bound to force China to strengthen the development of their own chips, do not have to rely on others, self-sufficiency.

So, for many people think that the United States to block the development of China's semiconductor industry is a blow to China, I do not think so, this will be a opportunity to test China's own strength,for China's semiconductor industry will be a qualitative leap.

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