What are the Requirements of PCB Tray in SMT Production?

What are the Requirements of PCB Tray in SMT Production?

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In the processing process of PCB board, in order to protect the PCB board from electrostatic hazards, will use the PCB tray or PCB card board to place. PCB tray full name of anti-static tray, the main role is to reduce the PCB board damage in the process of transport, avoiding collisions and reducing the rate of damage. The groove design in the tray is to save space and also enhances the tightness between the trays. Greatly reduce the incidence of defective products, improve work efficiency and improve the production process.

PCB Tray

The Requirements of PCB Tray in SMT Production

  • PCB tray, anti-static components rack, turnover box, truck, etc. every six months for an anti-static performance check;

  • PCB tray and antistatic containers used by workers should be cleaned regularly. Anti-static table mats, tools and containers should be cleaned with neutral cleaning solution every month.

When we purchasing the PCB tray must choose the right one and have to ensure the quality of the PCB, the PCB tray of the production materials must meet the following characteristics:

  • Highly dimensional stability

  • Good thermal shock resistance

  • Keeps flat even after repeated use

  • Corrosion resistance (flux and cleaning agent)

  • No moisture absorption

In the PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly process, not only to use anti-static tray to ensure the quality of production, but also should do a good job of anti-static protection in the production workshop, operating personnel wear static wrist, wear static clothes and static shoes can play Electrostatic protection for PCB production.

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