In Addition to Excavate Talent in TAIWAN, How should China's Semiconductor Industry Develop?

In Addition to Excavate Talent in TAIWAN, How should China's Semiconductor Industry Develop?

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Recently, SMIC issued a statement that Shanyi JIANG, the former co-operation of TSMC, will serve as an independent director of SMIC. In SMIC announced SHANGYI JIANG as its independent director, a Taiwan media reported that Lixing CAI, the former CEO of TSMC, China Telecom, former chairman, will join the UNIS Group. Then, there was reported that Mensong LIANG has left the Samsung in the third quarter, will soon be put into SMIC. Recently, we see the development momentum of China's semiconductor industry is fierce, reviews the development of China's semiconductor industry, there are indeed have many Taiwan people's contribution, such as Qiquan GAO and Rujing ZHANG.

Semiconductor is widely used in the PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing, so many large companies in the semiconductor industry to tap a variety of talent in Taiwan , I believe that many small and medium enterprises is more enthusiastic to excavate talent in Taiwan, it gives the impression that we just wants quickly success, ignoring the fact that the Chinese mainland input much efforts in the semiconductor industry.

China's semiconductor industry

In fact, the Chinese government since 2014 set off a wave of semiconductor investment, and released the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Outline", such as the military order. After the State Council set up a national leading group for the development of integrated circuits and national IC large funds, etc., the state semiconductor industry in China played a huge role in promoting. With the development of so many years, although the China's semiconductor industry have an improvement, but still did not satisfactory. Therefore, we should think, in addition to the frequently excavation of various talents from Taiwan, but also to learn from them? We should also do something what can make China's semiconductor industry better development.

1/The development of our semiconductor industry slower than the international community, the core technology gap is great, because our domestic semiconductor companies did not form a synergistic effect, we did not unite. So we do not have much improvement in the semiconductor industry, but chaotic.

2/The defect of talents. Our educational resources are backward. Taiwan has already appointed students to go abroad for further study since the 1970s, and has a perfect talent system. This is what we must to catch up, learn from Taiwan to establish an international semiconductor talent reserve system, increase investment in education.

3/Taiwan's semiconductor industry has a feature - the stock dividend model. When we cultivated the talents of semiconductor, we must learn how to retain them. Taiwan used this model, as the basic welfare system of employees, retain a large number of talents of semiconductor, so attracted the global semiconductor company developing in Taiwan, establishing research and development company. If the mainland semiconductor companies to follow or improve this model, it will attract more talent.

Of course, the semiconductor industry in Taiwan not only has the above advantages, but we now need to learn a lot, it's important to seize their business model into our semiconductor business, in order to rapidly promote the development of China's semiconductor industry.

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