Which Matters Need Attention of the Manual Welding?

Which Matters Need Attention of the Manual Welding?

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Surface-mount manual soldering is sometimes more challenging than through-hole soldering because of smaller pin spacing and higher pin counts. In the rework process, we must be careful not to overheat the printed circuit board, or plated through holes and pads are easy to damage. Manual soldering and rework are process steps that require outstanding operator technology and good tools. When equipped with adequate tools and training, the operator should be able to create reliable welding points. So in the PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing process of manual welding process should we pay attention to?


1.Pay Attention to the Protection Against EOS Damage

Electronic components and PCBA are susceptible to accidental electrical energy from many different sources. Therefore, the operating table and tools should be grounded and have a sound anti-static measures.

2.Safe Voltage and Safe Current

In the course of operation of soldering iron and tin, you should pay attention to electrical safety, to prevent the electrical shock for your body.

3.Civilized Operation

  • The power supply should be switched off when did not welding. The correct placement of iron and other tools,to prevent burns

  • In the welding process, you should be careful not to throw away the paste solder. After welding you should remove the wire head, tin slag and other surplus material;

  • Welding process should prevent the connecting finger get solder or other contaminants, to prevent connecting finger injury.

The above is the manual welding precautions, in order to better complete the welding, we should strictly abide by the rules to ensure the welding quality.

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