What is a Universal Meter and its Purchasing Skills

What is a Universal Meter and its Purchasing Skills

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1、  What is a Universal Meter

Universal Meter also known as the reuse table, universal meter, is the indispensable measuring instruments of power electronics and other departments, generally to measure voltage, current and resistance as the main purpose. Universal Meter is divided into pointer universal meter and digital universal meter. It is a multi-function, multi-range measuring instruments, general universal meter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio levels, and some can measure AC current, capacitance, inductance and semiconductor of some parameters. In the process of PCB manufacturing , a good universal meter is very important.


2、  Purchasing Skills

  • Universal Meter display digits and precision

Display digits and accuracy of universal meter is the most basic and most important indicators. Generally speaking, the Universal Meter shows the higher the number of bits the higher the accuracy, on the contrary the opposite.

  • Universal Meter measurement methods and AC frequency response

Universal Meter measurement method mainly for AC signal measurement, with the AC signal frequency changes, will appear a variety of frequency response and affect the universal meter measurements. Universal Meter on the AC signal measurement, there are two methods: average and true RMS measurements.

  • Function and measuring range

Different universal meter, the manufacturer will design a different function measurement range. Ordinary universal meter can test AC-DC voltage, current, resistance, on-off, etc., but some universal meter in order to reduce costs do not set current function.

  • Measurement stability and protection

The protection of universal meter itself is very good, like some universal meter, when you used the wrong line, it will automatically generate alarm buzzer. Do not blindly covet cheap when you purchase universal meter, to be practical, easy to use.

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