Samsung decide to have production in the USA, is forced by Trump pressure?

Samsung decide to have production in the USA, is forced by Trump pressure?

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It's reported that Samsung plans to invest in the USA has been finalized, it will be built in the California which annual production capacity of 2 million units of home appliances factory. and it will be put into production early next year. Outside suspicion, Samsung Electronics finalized the investment in the United States to build factories so fast, it's related to some time ago Trump in Twitter write down the text "welcome Samsung to join the United States".


According to insiders revealed that Samsung Electronics before did not finalize the amount of investment in the United States, the location of the relevant plant site and other details. Samsung Electronics, like many multinational companies, consider investing to build factories in the United States , but it was stay in consideration and evaluation stage, and did not determine it, but Trump's Twitter wrote thanks to Samsung, so that Samsung is confused, but also feel the pressure.

Trump officially served as president of the United States, has been put pressure on Apple's, I hope Apple can return to the local production mobile phones to increase jobs, and Apple has been in a state of perfunctory, said to consider returning to the United States, but Cook also clear that the production Apple phones in the United States will cost up $ 100. So Apple company has not much practical action. Samsung Electronics' home appliance plant has been located in Mexico, and then through the home appliance delivery to the United States by the lower import tariffs, Samsung Electronics also won the home appliance market share of US of 18.8%. The low cost of OEM production in foreign countries is an important reason why these multinational companies have been reluctant to invest and build factories in the United States.

After the introduction of a new trade policy in Trump, the import of goods from Mexico to implement high tariffs, which Samsung appliances will be a big blow, so Samsung Electronics had to consider investing in the United States, plus Trump Of the Twitter's thanks, but also make Samsung feel the pressure to speed up the pace of investment in the United States.

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