2017 global semiconductor talent will begin to flow to China

2017 global semiconductor talent will begin to flow to China

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In the past years, the China's semiconductor acquisition case, we can see the Western developed countries always blocked mainland of China to mergers and acquisitions in overseas, And with Trump's come to power, China's mergers and acquisitions in countries such as the United States will be more difficult. And then China set preferential policies and hire overseas senior talent to increase the introduction of talent. In fact, it is a good way.


一\Taiwan semiconductor talent to join the mainland

Taiwan's semiconductor industry in the world still has an important position, but has begun to decline some, and the mainland semiconductor is booming, some of Taiwan's senior talent began to join the mainland.


二\Trump's immigration policy helps China attract semiconductor talent

Silicon Valley is the cradle of science and technology, gathered a lot of high-end global science and technology talent, but Silicon Valley and Trump's incompatibility is well known. Trump's immigration policy will be a big impact on the Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley region have a large number of foreign technical staff in the major technology companies or small start-up companies, His immigration policy is entirely from the interests of US point of view, to strengthen the H1b work visa, and limit illegal immigrants, improve the threshold of high-tech foreign talent into US, thus to increase the employment opportunities of US citizens. In fact, it is an opportunity for China's semiconductor industry. China's semiconductor industry is in the development period and need senior personnel, this policy will help some of the world's semiconductor talent diverted to China.


Now, China's semiconductor industry is in a stage of rapid development, but lack most of technology and senior personnel, facing the obstruction of overseas mergers and acquisitions, China is through the development of preferential policies and high salaries and other means to recruiting overseas senior personnel. I believe from the beginning of 2017, There will be a lot of semiconductor talent settled in China.

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