Toshiba Semiconductor was sought-after, TSMC also want it?

Toshiba Semiconductor was sought-after, TSMC also want it?

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Toshiba Semiconductor was sought-after, followed by Apple, Microsoft and other US companies want to grab it, on the 22nd, the Japanese media came out, TSMC also consider the bid, then will have the opportunity to participate in bidding with HongHai. In this regard, TSMC response is false reports, do not give comment.


Daily News reported that TSMC is currently producing logic semiconductor for Toshiba, they are interested in Toshiba's spin-off semiconductor business and expected to expand each other's cooperation areas. The report mentioned that Toshiba has sold more than 5 percent of the proportion of the semiconductor, hoping to get the final semiconductor buyers in the end of May, this month on the 24th will be a new round of bidding procedures. The report also alleged that Toshiba's make a new requirement for intention to bid for the business or private equity funds which the new business value of the semiconductor business must have more than 2 trillion yen.

Toshiba storage flash memory business was so sought-after, because it is the most profitable one in company, accounting for 15% of total revenue, but contributed more than half of the profits, as the prey for us.

In addition to TSMC came out to join the competition, the technology giant Apple and Microsoft also interested in Toshiba, coupled with the original HongHai, Micron, SK Hynix, Witten and Bain Capital total 5 camps menacing, the difficulty of the competition greatly increased.

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