How to Choose the Multi-Stage Reflow Soldering?

How to Choose the Multi-Stage Reflow Soldering?

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The reflow oven will have multiple heating zones which have a plurality of heated modules above and below the reflow oven. Each module can be independently controlled and set a different temperature. A small part of the reflow furnace, the heater has as many as 24. The heating section is referring to the top and bottom heaters.

Multi-Stage Reflow Soldering

The interaction between sections is important, and the influence of sections can make the temperature curve controlling become simpler, and the performance of the reflow oven can also be easier to predict. High-quality reflow furnaces with a rail-to-rail temperature uniformity of better than 5 ° C, even if the board width is as high as 20 inches.

Another important feature of the reflow oven that needs to be considered is the heater's reaction time and the associated thermal control line. When the circuit board through the reflow oven, the heat in the furnace is absorbed by the cooler PCB, and the solder furnace must be compensated for the heat loss. The solder oven will be built with a thermocouple for sensing changes in the environment surrounding the furnace.

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