5 Must-sees of PCB Array's Advantages and Applications

5 Must-sees of PCB Array's Advantages and Applications

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PCB array primarily includes v-cut, bridge connection and stamp hole and proceeds on basis of array dimension, size and specification. Generally for convenient manufacturing, PCB manufacturer will cut the big laminate into many pieces in terms of customer requirements. PCB array will be helpful for customer DIP soldering and production cost-saving of laminates.

PCB Array

PCB array technical requirements:

1/ Regarding irregular PCB array, there will be gaps between arrays, so it requires that there are no blank area around the two sides of PCB on array (one side at least). Otherwise, SMT mounter can not proceed positioning and pick-placement.

2/ PTH and NPTH should be focused in terms of double-sided PCB.

Other concerns of PCB array:

1/ Blank edge and v-cut should be noted during PCB array.

Blank edge is for the prevention of some components on the edge which can not be solderd when PCB is loaded onto conveyor and v-cut is designed for easy break-down of PCBs. Generally blank edge requires 2-4 mm spacing.

2/ V-cut and slot, one of milling shape

V-cut needs to operate in direct line and won't be suitable for different boards. We should decide the milling method in terms of PCB shape.

3/ PCB array requirements: the quantities should not be more than 4 models and layer, copper thickness and surface finish should be same. 

PCB Array is hanled for cost reduction. If for complex engineering process and mass production, we would suggest to manufacture separately. PCB array will lead to approximately 10-20% rejection rate.

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