3 Advantages of Rigid-flex PCB and Its Market Prospect

3 Advantages of Rigid-flex PCB and Its Market Prospect

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Rigid-flex PCB is circuit board combined with flexible circuit board and rigid circuit board, through laminating and in compliance with related engineering process. Rigid-flex board contains rigid and flexbile area and is made on flexible circuit and high density rigid boards with special structure and application, which requires high-end fabrication process and machines.

Rigid-flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCB is widely used in modern small devices such as auto instrument panel, laptop, camera, smart phone and wearable watch due to its bendability and portability, which can highly save space and has durability.

The Advantages of Rigid-flex PCB

1/ Rigid-flex PCB can be used in special devices to save internal space and volume and enhance performance in terms of its flexible and rigid area.

2/ Rigid-flex PCB can be used in 3D assembly with high durability and adaptability.

3/ Rigid-flex PCB has good heat tolerance because flexible circuit is made by PI with stable and high heat tolerance; Flexible PCB has good bendability and flexibility to reduce influences of vibration and impact.

Currently rigid-flex PCBA is not popular and needs further research and design, but it will be more widely applied in wearable devices with expanding market prospect in the future.

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