3 Checks Before Sending your PCBA quote

3 Checks Before Sending your PCBA quote

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Barrel theory dominated business world for decades, but it does not work in this society, because professional labor division plays more important role with impulse of internet. PCBA manufacturers will get increasing online inquries. In this case, how to send PCBA quote skillfully seems huge important, which potentially determine high possibility of future cooperation with your customer.


1. Perspectives of market and product

In terms of potential customer inqury, we have to evaluate from left message (such as email address, company name, website, name and title etc.) and confirm company size, opportunity of batch and volume order, location, customer price acceptance and added-value of their product. Moreover, it is worthy to collect some updates of customer from search engine, LinkedIn and SNS. These described jobs should be completed before your quote being sent.


2. Attractive price

An attractive price does not mean the lowest one, particularly in developed regions. It is probably that customer will not take the offer with lowest price. So we have to carefully think about the appropriate way of sending quote under profit guarantee. For example, we can show lower price on basis of higher volume than customer requested. In addition, we can exclude some costs of test and other manual operations in our quote. Let both parties talk them in the future.


3. Professional enough

First quote should be professional in format (same color and font, creative design, handwritting and stamp). This will show your advantages and sincerity. After all, a beautiful and professional quote sheet among ordinary ones will catch customer eyesight.


Above principles are not only suitable for PCB assembly industry, but also for sales man on various positions.

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