3 Days Quick Turn PCB Assembly with Refined Process and Lowest Cost

3 Days Quick Turn PCB Assembly with Refined Process and Lowest Cost

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Quick turn PCBA is a very important advantage of PCBA manufacturer. Under the same capabilities and quality assurance, a factory which has quick delivery of PCBA can win a lot of customers. And quick turn is one of the main factors that customer chooses a PCBA supplier based on.


Process of Quick turn PCBA

Client Placing Order → Components purchase and Incoming Quality Control → PCB Manufacturing→ Solder paste → SMT → Reflow Soldering → QC → DIP → Wave soldering → QC → PCBA test → Package & delivery


Lead Time of Quick Turn PCBA

The lead time of PCBA manufacturing could be shortened to 3 days for common components in stock, 7 days for some special components to be imported abroad and 20 days for components in production after placing order.


Charges of Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Except for charges of materials including PCB and components, SMT assembly, PCBA test, surcharge of quick services should be covered in the quote, which is approximately $300-500 USD and specifically depends on PCB design, BOM list and PCB assembly engineering process.

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Why We Can Fulfill Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

We take customer perspectives of PCB assembly manufacturing and assign project manager to push and track all manufacturing process since you place order to us.

1. Purchase components in stock through signed general agent: 2 days

2. Quick PCB manufacturing: 20 hours

3. Issue stencil and SMT assembly: 1 day

4. In circuit test and delivery: 1 day


NOD Electronics strive to be your reliable PCB assembly partner and are consecutively serving our customers with high quality of components bought from global branding electronic manufacturers and providing discount to our customers due to the advantages of scale purchase. A variety of customers witness our quality assurance and quick delivery.

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