The Process of PCBA Processing Cooperation

The Process of PCBA Processing Cooperation

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Aftert the establishment of a partnership between electronic product developers and PCBA manufacturers, many processes are needed to smooth the cooperation between the two sides. Next, we introduce some processes needed for the PCBA process cooperation.


  • 1/Prototype

Electronic product R & D will have a confirmation process after they have established cooperation with the PCBA supplier. When the general electronic product developers release the new product, or cooperate with the new PCBA supplier cooperation,it needs to carry on the PCBA prototyping service, ensuring that the processing capabilities of this factory can meet the request,then mass production.

  • 2/Files confirmation

Electronic product R & D after determining the protoyping service,they need to provide Gerber file, BOM, and other files to PCBA processing factory, PCBA process manufacturer can carry out manufacturing analysis according to data to facilitate future PCBA process production.

  • 3/Payment in advance

Electronic product R & D need to pay part of the amount of money to PCBA processing manufacturers,in order to facilitate the PCBA processing manufacturer to purchase parts and other materials.

  • 4/PCBA production

PCBA processing manufacturer will purchase the components materials according to the received funds. when the material arrives, the PCBA process can be carried out.

  • 5/Payment of balance funds

When the PCBA process finished, Electronic product R & D need to pay for the balance funds to PCBA processing manufacturer.

  • 6/PCBA test

The PCBA manufacturer performs QC inspection or PCBA testing on the PCBA board to ensure the quality of the product.

  • 7/Shipment

After completed the test, the product in good quality will be packaged and shipped.

  • 8/Rework

After receiving the PCBA board, R & D will have a brun-in testing on board or after using a period of time.The board in fault will be repaired by PCBA processing manufacturer. If it is a mass production problem, it also needs to analyze the causes.

PCBA manufacturers and R & D partners should follow the process of PCBA processing cooperation to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation between the two parties.

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