What are the Payment Terms and Accounts for PCBA Processing?

What are the Payment Terms and Accounts for PCBA Processing?

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PCBA processing service is one of the popular electronic processing methods, which can provide one-stop service of PCBA processing to customer. The value of PCBA processing is generally higher than SMT processing, and there is a big difference between its payment methods and accounts. Next Let's talk about payment methods and account period of PCBA processing.

PCBA Payment Terms and Accounts

1/PCBA processing payment method

PCBA processing payment is generally including 70% advanced payment and 30% balance after shipment. PCBA processing manufacturers usually need to help customers purchase parts, in some upstream parts suppliers, the need for cash payment in real-time to avoid the disruption of the capital chain. Therefore, the PCBA processing factory adopts the methods of advanced payment.

2/PCBA processing account period

When the PCBA processing manufacturers in the shipment, the electronic product developers need to ask for the balance payment from them, generally do not accept the account period. but for some long-term cooperation and the credibility of particularly good big

customers, you can give 30 days of account.

During the cooperation process,it is easily leading to fracture and adding a lot of uncontrollable risk by funds arrears,because the value of PCBA processing service is much higher, and the amount of transactions is also larger.

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