Cheapest PCB Making with High Quality

Cheapest PCB Making with High Quality

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High quality

 products obtain the user’s recognition and high praise. In today’s life, goods with low quality will   disappeared. For many consumers, product with high quality and low price is the best choice.


In the electronic manufacturing industry, high quality with lowest price is a very lethal weapon. So, it is very important to find some high quality manufacturers and then to compare their price.


NOD electronic is a high efficiency PCB supplier with outstanding enterprise culture. Except outstanding enterprise culture, NOD electronic also has the lowest price with high quality products. Welcome to visit us inChina.



Capabilities of PCB Making

NOD electronic provides very professional PCB manufacturing service and PCB assembly service. We have a lot of global customers inUK,Japan,USA, French and so on.

Workshop: 12000 m²

SMT daily production: 4 million points

DIP daily production: 1 million points



Quality Control

Each production level is strictly controlled by our professional manager and QC team. And we also strictly control process like IQC, IPQC and OQA.


Obtain customers’ fully trust is very important, and we have the confidence to own them trust. Quality control is the key part of electronic manufacturing, though which we can gain more and more customers.



The Reason of Low Price

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Under the same quality products, we can directly say that we are the cheapest supplier. There are some reasons.


1. NOD electronic adhered to the principle of the customers are our king, and we need to create more interests to them without loss.


2. Though high quality products with cheapest price, NOD electronic wants to gain more and more long-term cooperation customers to help NOD electronic to being stronger.

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