Big Differences of LED SMT Mounter

Big Differences of LED SMT Mounter

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LED SMT mounter is designed and exclusively applied for LED industry with principal features such as multiple nozzles, high efficiency and user-friendly control. However, the precision of LED SMT mounter (usually 0603) can not be competent with common SMT machines (with precision up to 0201 or even 01005). In addition, common SMT mounters have been widely used with strong flexibility and compatibility. A variety of SMD components could be picked up onto the right position, but LED SMT mounter can be only used for LED lamp assembly process.


LED lamp is usually linear type and goes into LED SMT mounter through the track. Up to 32 nozzles will pick up lamps and place them onto assigned positions. There is no camera inside and it is not necessary to ensure high precision. A little bit displacement of lamp could be acceptable. Only easy online programming and configuration of axis and space are needed.


Importantly, the price of LED SMT mounter is huge cheaper with utmost same workflow and high speed.

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