Do NOT ignore 6 elements to purchase PCBA

Do NOT ignore 6 elements to purchase PCBA

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PCBA plays core role as part of electronic products. Electronics reliability, adaptability and stability are crucially close with PCBA quality. Therefore, we have to focus on quality control of PCBA manufacturing while selecting a PCBA supplier and professionally inspect if every single PCBA complies with applications of electronic product. So, In the process of purchasing PCBA, we need to pay more attention to the quality control points of PCBA, and take a close look at every simple PCBA board in professional view.

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1. Soldering Reliability of PCBA Components

Stability of PCB and components depends on performance of electronic products in user hand. After long time usage, electronic products probably endure severe conditions such as oxidation, heat radiation, collision and overload use etc., which will make them out of work although they passed test before delivery. What’s more, to use branding original components determines quality of electronic products as well. Many used or fake components will not work. So does for PCB. Some factors such as distortion, low thermal performance should be concerned about according to product application environment. All PCBAs should be under strict test.


2. PCBA Burn-in-test Performance Report

It is necessary to perform burn in test for batch order of PCBA, which means to place PCBA into upper limit conditions with test purpose of stability and reliability. Many companies ignore this step in order to save cost, which probably lead large number of defects while products in customer hand and big loss. Therefore, it is recommended to implement burn in test fixture according to test plan and request PCBA manufacturer to issue burn in test performance report.


3. Box Build Process Management

PCBA in box build process should be highly focused, because inappropriate operation will make components on PCBA board damaged although they were tested OK before box build. To purchase PCBA, we have to review the box build manual and guide in compliance with our requirements and supervise works to fulfill the task.


4. PCBA Cleanliness

PCBA cleanliness is huge important, because some solder splash, flux on PCBA surface will cause unpredictable defect risk in the future use of electronic products. That is why to ask PCBA manufacturer to perform professional ultrasonic clean of PCBA board and prevent any finger contact of soldering pads.


5. After-sale Ability Review to Purchase PCBA

Even the wise are not always free from error. There will be defective products for batch order manufacturing. In that case, PCBA manufacturer quick response and coordination of fixing problem are particularly important to customer.


6. Leave More Profits to PCBA Manufacturer

PCBA price is becoming transparent with high development of printed circuit board and SMT industry. You can avoid high cost as long as you compare several suppliers or calculate cost by yourself. However, profit is driving PCBA manufacturer to offer outstanding services. High profits will bring high attention. So, we have to give up concept of “always lowest price” during purchasing PCBA. Actually, we can get our cost reduced if providing more profits to PCBA manufacturer. Many Japanese companies did very well on this point.


To purchase PCBA involves audit of technology, management and services and needs professional multi-dimensions discernment, which will build a good start for success of electronic products.


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