Drone market in 2018 is expected to 1 billion USD

Drone market in 2018 is expected to 1 billion USD

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Drone continues to heat up. In 2015, there are about 100 types drones shown up. Drones have been everywhere. They are now being used to perform military tasks, shoot a film and take beautiful pictures. The price is not expensive. The cheapest drone is only 90 pounds to buy.


The United States Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) claimed that the global drone market is growing fast and the market size is expected to reach $ 1 billion by 2018.


Insiders estimate that global drone market in 2015 will reach $ 130 million with sales of 425,000 pcs.


United States Consumer Electronics Association’s Chief Economist, Shawn DuBravac at 2015 CES show said that this year there will be about 100 different types of drones coming up.


Toy drone boom has aroused extensive discussions about the legality of this type of equipment. In the United States, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is considering legislation to restrict the commercial use of drones.


Shawn DuBravac also talked about the development of drone technology this year. He said: “we are moving from theory to practical technology development of drone. ”


About 2015 technology development prospects, his forecasts include: virtual reality products will increase, Netflix will broaden the range of output and 3D printing expand application range further.

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