Future here: LG OLED wallpaper TV with 0.97mm thickness

Future here: LG OLED wallpaper TV with 0.97mm thickness

Publish Date:2016-08-26 09:15:32 Clicks: 41

Currently, LG released latest Wallpaper TV with only 0.97mm thickness of OLED panel. The amazing thickness is 1/3 thinner than common smartphones. Once you have this TV, you can roll up it and go during moving house.


When we are child, the big size of TV made us annoying. The LCD TV with heavy weight was hardly for one man to carry up. But for being now, all LED TVs are getting more thinner. So it’s easily to carry even for big screen. However, TV is also under evolution. You can not imagine how easily to carry this LG Wallpaper TV.


LG released the latest LG Wallpaper TV at Seoul, Korea. The thickness is only 0.97mm, less than 1cm and almost same as paper. If you want to move it, you just roll it up like yoga mat and take it easily.


Technology is changing our life. Now we can experience the product that can be imagined many years ago. According to latest technology report, transform digital products will come out to impact us more and more. Actually, many big vendors are expanding their capitals on these kind of projects.

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