PCB clone process, cycle and quotations

PCB clone process, cycle and quotations

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PCB clone is always called circuit board clone, PCB reverse design or development. It?is?an?essential?technology?in?the?electronics?factory, through which you can extract PCB files and BOM list. And perfectly rebuilding it. There is some information you may want to know about PCB copying.


The flow of PCB clone

A. Scan circuit board pictures.

B. Run Quickpcb2005 program.

C. Call in scanning circuit board pictures form the file menu.

D. Quickpcb2005 provides the measuring tools and calculators, you can directly put element on the color scanning picture.

E. When you finish copying the top layer, open the setting menu,and then close the top layer, and finally transfer the underlying image from the file menu.

F. Take out other lining in turn.

G. Save the PCB file.


Cycle of PCB clone

There are some reference you may want to understand. Different PCB has different lead time of clone. Here we go.

Computer main board: 6 days

Normally computer motherboard(Less than six layers): 1 to 4 days

Mobile phone circuit board: 6 to 8 days

Server motherboard: about 8 days

Two layers board: 1 day


Quotations of PCB clone

Different PCB has different quotation. There are many parts we need take into account.

The first part is PCB layers. The more layers, the more expensive.

The second past is PCB material. Different material has different price.

The third past is about PCB surfacing. Like the quotation of tin, gold?plating and golden finger are not same. And finally, we should take the testing expense and artificial cost into account.


The main features of our PCB clone Service:

1. With a extremely high precision in PCB layers

2. Success rate of one-time copying is extremely high, up to 90%

3. Low replication costs, 30% reduced

4. Project development time can be shortened to 40%

5. Can provide decoding program and source code to customer


NOD Electronics fully takes some customer’s demand for fast simulation project into account , and provides PCB copy Board services. Restore PCB file and circuit from printed circuit board model, NOD PCB clone can wonderfully use the restore files to copy board. And it is able to perfect PCB files according to customer’s needs in order to adapted specific function needs. And From a electronic product shape mold, we can successfully obtain, modify simulation data, and decode chip or single chip machine program, etc.

In cases of practical application, our team have good support of high precision circuit boards, industrial control motherboard PCB, flexible circuit boards and digital products. Team of professionals familiar with electrical schematics,PCB design and structure, and can well support your modeling project needs.

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