Six Sigma Design Project Management Models

Six Sigma Design Project Management Models

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The six sigma project management model,discussed in the previous chapter,augments traditional project management by using six sig, ma analysis to plan and make decisions properly, instead of relying solely on past experiences.

Six Sigma

Six sigma is best suited for team-directed project management, in this model, the emphasis is on collective decision making and communications assisted by the use of six sigma. There is a core project team that manages all project activities and is supported by subteams of the different functions involved. The team members are the individual engineers who are performing specified tasks. The project manager is the driver of the project, making sure the schedule is on time and the product within budget. There is a strong technical component this project management, and the project manager makes decisions based on both technical and business evaluations of the project status. Six sigma based trade-offs are discussed collectively and decided upon to maintain the overall goals. These trade-offs include project scope, product performance, resources, and schedule.

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