Emphasize the Six Sigma Approach to Project Management

Emphasize the Six Sigma Approach to Project Management

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The team concept for project management has been shown to be very effective for new product development. In small projects, the product man- ager can double as the project manager. In this case, the original product specifications can be preserved through development implementation, by having one person responsible for both technical and project leadership.

Six Sigma

In large projects, depending on the six sigma maturity of the organization, either an appointed or a de facto development project manager emerges, having the final authority to resolve, with other team members, any technical problems that may arise. There is a core team, composed of all the people who work on new development from concept to production to field performance. Members of this core team are the prime experts (or, initially, managers) of the different functions involved.

Reporting to this core team are the members of each activity, and these members are identified by job function and contributions to the project tasks. There are separate teams for electrical, mechanical, software, production, logistics, and other functions, grouped by skill sets, and they report the progress of the core team. In this model, cross-functional communications occur directly from one team member to another, without having to pass through a management function. Cross-functional teams should be encouraged, as they shorten communication loops.

The challenges to successful six sigma project management are as follows:

1. Poor visibility of external and internal dependencies and their potential impact on the project schedule.

2. Focus mainly on the technical specification, with lack of coupling to financial, logistics, quality, production, and other functional expectations.

3. Lack of standard communication vehicles, both up to management and down to individual engineers.

4. Clear understanding of management goals and expectations.

5. Strong belief in the benefits of planning and executing project management guidelines and techniques.

6. Difficulty in allocating people in a dynamic environment, and defining the skill level necessary to successfully complete assigned tasks.

7. Unclear definition of project objectives and specifications, and reactive market decisions during the development phase.

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