Axioms for Creating Six Sigma within the Organization

Axioms for Creating Six Sigma within the Organization

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In order to create a six sigma environment within the company, there should a move away from the process-based organization, with resource (matrix) management reinforcing the use of a standard model for efficient and specialized use of resources. This model is a good one for managing large and complex set of products and systems. In the current conditions of worldwide competition, the smaller, more efficient organizations are the ones that are nimble and fast reacting to the market. They are successful because of their focus on their business unit products,and can make fast decisions by micromanaging a smaller organization than by macromanaging a large business entity. The axioms for implementing a six sigma product creation process are as follows:

  • Create a total quality culture within the organization

  • Introduce a quality focus organization at the business unit level

  • Emphasize the quality focus approach to project management

The implementation of these axioms at each functional level could be as outlined in the following three subsections.

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