What are the types of PCBA cleaning process?

What are the types of PCBA cleaning process?

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PCBA produces various kinds of pollution in the process of production, and needs cleaning after production. For different grades of products, the flux and process adopted are different. The cleaning agent, cleaning equipment and cleaning process required are different. Now the cleaning process is generally divided into three kinds: fully automatic on-line cleaning machine, semi automatic off-line cleaning machine and manual cleaning machine.

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Fully automated on-line cleaning machine

The fully automated on-line cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the residual surface of PCBA welding rosin flux, water soluble flux free flux, solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants thoroughly and effectively cleaning. It is suitable for large batch PCBA cleaning.

Semi automatic off-line cleaning machine

The main function of the semi automatic off-line cleaning machine is similar to the fully automated on-line cleaning machine, but it is small in size and can be placed at any place at will.

Manual cleaning machine

The manual cleaning machine is also called the constant temperature cleaning tank, which is suitable for the small batch sample PCBA order cleaning. Through the temperature control, the chemical cleaning is completed in a thermostat tank.

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