What is the PCBA maintenance process?

What is the PCBA maintenance process?

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In the process of PCBA production, due to the improper operation of the production personnel or the quality of the material, there is often a bad PCBA board. It is necessary to repair the bad PCBA board at this time.


The process of PCBA maintenance is:

Inspection of PCBA > measurement of all POWER to power test bad, maintenance according to bad phenomena, self test after maintenance, test fixture test, full inspection.

The tools for PCBA maintenance include: oscilloscope, digital meter, constant temperature iron, hot air gun, sharp nose pliers, diagonal pliers and tweezers.

1, inspection PCBA

The main examination of PCBA has no apparent bad appearance. Such as: short circuit, air welding, missing parts, extremely reverse components, burned parts, etc.

2, measuring all POWER

The main measure of the power supply is to be short circuited

3. Poor power test

Using test fixture DOUBLE CHECK after electricity

4. Repair according to bad phenomenon

According to the bad phenomena combined with the principle of circuit maintenance, we can refer to the engineering to provide maintenance work instruction.

5. Self inspection after maintenance

After maintenance, the maintenance parts need to be self tested. Main inspection: short circuit, empty solder bead, tin slag and solder joint appearance.

6. Test tool test

Use test tools to detect whether PCBA repairs OK

7.Complete inspection of the repaired products

Through the maintenance of bad PCBA boards, the scrap of boards can be reduced, and the production cost of factories can be reduced.

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