Quick Turn Prototype PCB Assembly in China (Less Than 3 days)

Quick Turn Prototype PCB Assembly in China (Less Than 3 days)

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China PCB assembly manufacturing accounted for 70% of China’s manufacturing industry, which is the core development in China and aims to provide electronic processing services to the world. Quick turn prototype PCB assembly service is the first step to connect China’s PCB manufacturing and global customers.


Prototype PCB Assembly Services

Quick Purchase Service (Supplying cost-effective material)

Stencils Making Service (Laser-cut stainless steel)

Assembly Service (SMT or/and DIP manufacturing)

Shipping Service (Airlift)

After-sales Service (Any issues, repairing in no condition)



Prototype PCB Assembly Procedure




Quick turn Prototype Capability

Item Capability

Turn Times 1-3 days

Assembly Type SMT+DIP

Parts Procurement Full TurnkeyPartial Turnkey


Stencils Laser-cut stainless steel

Delivery Shipping



Prototype Cost

Prototype cost covers engineering cost, assembly cost, surcharge of quick services (if you need) and shipping cost.

Attention: Engineering cost depends on the complexity of PCB design and testing.



Why Us?

As an excellent PCBA manufacturer, NOD Electronics not only have a very strong sales team, but also have a high efficient electronic assembly team which strives to be NO.1 PCBA supplier in China. We have the confidence to provide you with the best electronic assembly services and help you to save more time and money.

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