The Chinese PCB manufacturing is losing the advantage of low price

The Chinese PCB manufacturing is losing the advantage of low price

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As basic components in the electronic information industry chain, PCB is known as the “mother of the electronic products”. According to the distribution map of electronics industry, it is obvious that the development of PCB industry is the same speed of the development of mainland China. And we can see the progress of PCB industry everywhere.


The data shows that China is still the largest PCB manufacturing in the world. And in the year of 2014, the total value of out-put of PCB was up to $57.437 billion, year-on-year growth was 2.3%. $26.1 billion was maked by Chinese PCB manufacturing,which had the fastest year-on-year growth in the world. The total of China’s PCB domestic and foreign funds accounted for 45% of the total of whole world funds. It is a obvious advantage of Chinese PCB manufacturing. Though, China’s manufacturing industry has been expected for a long time, its performance is poor, and the skill of it is still in the middle and lower reaches of position, it can not get rid of a  “Generation of labor power” label.


Expecially there are many countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are emerging their PCB industry markets, and the price of PCB raw material is on the rise. What’s worse, China is going to strengthen the ability of Environmental protection and energy saving control. The PCB manufacturing of China is losing the advantage of low price, the same as speed and quality.


There has a factor that can not be ignored is that PCB industry in China is mainly covered in mid-range part. The product type of China not only single but also lacking innovation, which leads to a big gap with the developed countries. Although demands for all kinds of circuit boards have increased, the growth of the soft board, IC load board still lags behind of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

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