PCB Design Phases

PCB Design Phases

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NOD Electronics offers you outstanding PCB design services. Throughout this ability, your PCB changing order could be immediately processed without any hassle. Generally, concentration of DFM is very key to a robust PCB design, which can eliminate risk of manufacturing difficulties or quality control problem. In order to ensure your product high quality and quick delivery, we comply with standard workflow to operate the PCB design as following phases.



1. Requirements draft

Capture final PCB design system requirement from Client

Define related Standards and Certifications (erg. IEC6061-1)

Define User Acceptance PCB Test Plan

Define Costing requirements

Produce Hardware Requirements Document entire design


2. Preliminary Design Review

PCB System Block Diagram

Detailed Circuit PCB Design

Preliminary Schematics

PCB design Area Analysis

Concept PCB designs

Presentation and Action Items


3. Critical PCB Design Review

Schematics Clean up

Bread Board Testing

PCB Layout

Firmware development

Firmware testing and Client feedbac

Mechanical verification and Test Plan (TRD)



4. Alpha PCB Prototype Phase

Produce a lab PCB test unit and demonstrate to Client

Provide client with 2 to 4 prototypes for PCB testing and verification

FCC/CE Pre-Scan

Test Verification (TVD)



5. PCB design service: Beta Prototype Phase

PCB Design clean up

Pricing and Risk assessment

FCC/CE Lab assistance

Provide Client with 8 of 10 BETA Prototypes

Deliverable:Final PCB Design package, Schematics, Gerber Files, BOM


6. Production Readiness

Documentation wrap up

Provide Final Production Build and PCB Assembly pricing



After PCB design phases, your product will be moved to next stage of PCB fabrication.

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