Quick Start of 2 Typical PCB Drills

Quick Start of 2 Typical PCB Drills

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PCB drill is mainly used for PCB manufacturing.Most PCB drills are made of hard alloy material with good quality, which have the advantages of high rigidity, high accuracy of holes position and long service life.


PCB drills are mainly divided into two categories.

Parallel shank twist drill

This kind of drill is used for printed panel and single sided board. The depth of drilling can reach about ten times of the diameter.

Fixed shank twist drill

Most manufacturers use this kind of drill, which has the advantages of high positioning accuracy and automatically replacing the drill. This is always used for high speed cutting.

We need to take the speed and feed speed into account when using the drill, therefore chilling chamber should consider the life of the drill and the shaft and then make a reasonable match.

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