Tutorials of PCB Material CCL

Tutorials of PCB Material CCL

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CCL is the main material of the PCB, which is also known as the substrate. CCL is the abbreviation for copper clad laminate ,  which is made from wood pulp paper or glass fiber as reinforcement material and impregnated with resin. CCL’ s one side covered with aluminum foil or both sides covered with aluminum foil and formed after hot pressing. 


The substrate is an insulating laminate composed of polymer synthetic resin and reinforcer, one side of the substrate covered with copper foil is one-sided CCL, when both sides of the substrate covered with copper foil is double-sided CCL. The copper foil has high conductivity and good weldability.

The  following is the main part of the production of PCB:


The substrate is divided into paper substrate, glass fiber substrate, synthetic fiber cloth substrate, non-woven substrate, composite substrate.


Polymer is one of the important raw materials in the production process of the substrate. Different types of substrate use different resins according to its requirements.

Cooper foil

The copper foil can be divided into rolled cooper foil and electrolytic copper foil according to different making methods.

Therefore CCL can be devided into more than ten kinds according to insulation materials, adhesives, resins and uses.

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