5 FAQs about PCB Etching

5 FAQs about PCB Etching

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Five Questions About Etching

Etching is a process that using chemical method to eliminate redundant copper foil.


Pay attention to the following issues in the PCB etching:

Reduce the lateral erosion and convex edge by improving the etching coefficient

We can consider these aspects: etching method, type of etching solution, etching rate, PH of etching solution, density of etching liquid, thickness of copper foil.

Improve the consistency of etching rate between boards

Attention to select the etching solution which can regenerate and compensate easily. Meanwhile, it is better for us to choose the etching solution that is easy to control.

Ensure the uniformity of  the etch rate across the surface of the board

Improve the ability of handling and etching the thin copper foil and thin laminate safely

Reduce the environmental pollution

We should ensure the cleaning of the nozzle in the process of etching and make sure nothing is blocking the jet.

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