7 Impacts on Making a PCB offer

7 Impacts on Making a PCB offer

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PCB practitioners have been very familiar with the phenomenon of this kind of price change of the circuit board. We can analyze the reasons for the price change from seven aspects.


PCB with different materials.

Take common double sided board as an example, many factors will directly affect the price differences such as panel, slab thickness and copper thickness. In addition, different kinds of solder resist ink will lead to a corresponding price difference.

 PCB with different production processes.

   Different production methods result in a corresponding cost of production, such as gold plating and spray foil.

 PCB with different production difficulty.

   For example, the size of the circuit board aperture and line spacing will result in different production costs, the higher the degree of retirement, correspondingly higher prices.

PCB with different requirements of customers.

   Customer requirements will directly affect the yield rate of the product, so it will directly affect the production cost.

 Different production technology of different manufactures.

   Various production facilities and technology will form different production costs, such as gold plating and spray foil.

PCB with different payment.

   The manufacturers will adjust the price of PCB according to payment methods.

PCB with different production areas.

   From the current general trend, the price is showing an upward trend from the south to the north, therefore the regional differences also led to the price diversity.

   While with the continuous development of PCB industry, may be able to make a corresponding standard used to predict the price of PCB.   

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