Pros Cons of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)

Pros Cons of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)

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The flexible circuit board is also known as FPC, which is made of insulating substrate. It has been widely used in the field of aerospace, military, PDA, portable computers and so on. 


FPC has the following disadvantages.

High one-time initial cost

The FPC is designed for specific applications, so the costs in circuit design and wiring are higher at the beginning. 

Difficult to change and repair

If it is necessary to change, you must first remove the protective film covering the surface. Then repair again after it.

Size Restricted

FPC is still not common. The production process is limited by the size of the production equipment.

Easily damaged by improper operation

It is easy to cause the damage of the soft circuit because of the improper operation of the operators.

FPC has the following advantages.

Variable shape

It can bend, wind and fold in the three-dimensional space of any movement according to the requirements of space layout. 

Smaller volume

It can meet the need of high density, miniaturization, and development in the direction of high reliability. So it is widely used in electronic applications.

In addition, FPC also has the advantages of good heat dissipation, weldability and lower overall cost, which is mainly used to connect some electronic products.

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