How to Make PCB Schematic

How to Make PCB Schematic

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The PCB schematic can be made by electronic engineers according to client requirements, it can also be launched directly through the PCB copy board technology or PCB file figure in reverse.


Generally, PCB schematic design is divided into four steps.

Rational division of functional areas

Reasonable division of the region can improve the efficiency of rendering. Components with the same function can be put in a centralized layout. We can determine the core elements and other elements of the same functional units according to the connection of the line. At the same time pay attention to the number of components on the circuit board.

Determination of Reference Part

The reference part is the main component of the circuit, which has the characteristics of larger size and more pins, such as integrated circuits and transformers. We can guarantee the accuracy of the schematic by the determination of reference part.

Line division and line drawing

The engineers can distinguish the grounding wire, power line and single wire according to the rich practical experience. Engineers can also use different color lines to make sure that the lines are all clear, which can avoid the trouble caused by the line crossing.

Grasp the basic framework

The engineer can draw the circuit schematic according to the combination of the classic circuit. The principle schematic of the same kind of electronic products is always similar. Engineers can reverse schematic from other products.

PCB schematic plays a very important role in product design, commissioning, maintenance and improvement processes.

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