How Many Kinds of PCB Milling Cutter?

How Many Kinds of PCB Milling Cutter?

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PCB milling cutter is also called gongs knife, which is used in the back-end production of PCB processing. We can cut the circuit board into a separate PCS or SPNL with the milling cutter. The final shipment is based on the size of the customer’s requirements.


The cutter on the market will be divided into four main types:

PCFpcb cutter

PCFpcb cutter is the most common type of PCB milling cutter when the circuit board is cut out. 

It is also called a diamond mesh type PCB cutter because of the shape of a diamond cutting edge. PCFpcb has the advantages of high cutting force, high life , and better chip removal effect.

SCpcb cutter

This kind of milling cutter is mainly used for the processing of paper substrate and CEM-3 products, which is generally used for the processing of easily roughed materials. The quality of the Plate edge material is better than that of the PCFpcb cutter.

SRpcb cutterSRpcb cutter is mainly used for the PCB terminals, which can be selected according to the machining precision and the processing type. It can also solve the burr problem.

RSpcb cutter

RSpcb cutter is mainly used for fine milling, which can guarantee higher precision and can successfully prevent the flash problem.

In short, the milling cutter has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, high strength and bending resistance. The types of cutting tools are also very rich; these milling cutters are all suitable for punching and milling.

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