Is black PCB more advanced?

Is black PCB more advanced?

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As everyone knows, the development of the circuit board promotes the rapid development of the electronics industry.  The rapid development of the electronics industry also expands the market of printed circuit board in reverse. Almost all electronic products use circuit board so that the design and manufacturing of circuit board affect the success of electronic products in a great extent.


According to recent market research on the PCB corresponding professional website, actually about half of consumers believe that the color of the PCB will affect the purchase. Especially in the field of DIY PCB, black PCB board is considered by many people as a symbol of high-end products. In the technology sector, Apple is an important group that uses black PCB; many people think that black is more beautiful and high-end because of its black PCB. But in reality, weather the color will effect the quality of PCB board or not?

First of all, let's talk about how the color of it is obtained. In fact, the color of the PCB is only determined by the solder resist film. Manufacturers can deploy any color when the solder mask is still in the molten state. There are yellow, blue, red and white and other colors in addition to Apple’s black and the most commonly used green. So the color of PCB board and quality has no relationship indeed. The product performance of PCB board with different colors is essentially the same.

Why most of the circuit boards are green? Commonly there are several reasons. Firstly, PCB workers that generate and maintain the PCB have to stare at the production all the time and green is not easy to make people feel tired, which is recognized as eye-production color. Secondly, green is the most commonly used color, and the factories always reserve most green oil. The cost of green oil is relatively low. Thirdly, we have accepted green as the default color of PCB board with the development of PCB board.

But even people know the color principle of PCB; some people still think that Apple Corp's black PCB board is more advanced. It is mainly because that many front-line electronic products tend to use black circuit board products to build simple and beautiful appearance, many people came to think black PCB board is more advanced. Secondly, most people believe that it’s difficult to recognize the line on the black PCB board. So it increases the difficulty of production and maintenance in the whole team. It is more likely to cause chromatic aberration when washing black PCB board. So a lot of people think that only the company has a strong technical ability and cautious attitude, can they have the courage to use black PCB board. Therefore they think black PCB board is more high-end.

All in all, people think that the PCB board widely used in Apple is more advanced than other colors of PCB, which itself is a color superstition. We should exclude the color prejudice when we choose the corresponding PCB board and choose the most suitable manufacturers and PCB board for our own products.

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